Race Results

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2017-18 Race Results

Click on each link below to see up to the results of both the men’s and women’s collegiate classic and/or draft legal races.

UC Berkley Bearathlon Sept 30, 2017

Female and Male DL

Female and Male Classic

UC Davis Aggieathlon October 22nd, 2017

UCSD CoveSkipper Oct 29th, 2017

UCSD Tritonman February 17, 2018

Female Classic

Male Classic


2016-17 Race Results

UCI Zot Trot Feb 12th, 2017

UCLA IronBruin February 26, 2017

Stanford Treeathlon, March 5, 2017

Female Classic

Male Classic

Female Draft Legal

Male Draft Legal

UCSB Kendra’s Triathlon, March 11, 2017

MTS (Conference Championships) March 26, 2017

Olympic Female

Olympic Male

Collegiate Club Nationals Championships April 21-22


Click on the links below to visit the race web site for yearly results

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